mugg is a new Irish magazine pooling the talents of a diverse mix of journalists. The features based publication is a mixture of lifestyle, sport, arts and culture and fashion. mugg‘s strong images, incisive writing and compelling content makes it an exciting addition to the magazine world.

This website aims to show you a little about what we do at mugg magazine and for us to update you with news and events. It is entirely interactive so we appreciate all questions or comments.

Should you require any further information on mugg please email muggmagazine@gmail.com

mugg’s Team:

Editor: Maeve Storey

Fashion Editor: Cynthia Bifolchi

Life Editor: Eleanore Hutch

Arts Editor: Cecilie Bech Christensen

Current Affairs Editor: Shane Raymond

Sports Editor: Aoife Connaughton

Business and Advertising: Gary Clarke

Layout and Design: Maeve Storey, Mandy Hegarty, Bernard O’ Rourke, Claire Sheehan

Subbing: Eva Hall, Keith Reid

Website: Cynthia Bifolchi. Magdalene Buckley

Contributors: Fiona Canning, Cynthia Bifolchi, Cecilie Bech Christensen, Aoife Connaughton, Louisa McElwee, Claire Sheehan, Orla Arnold, Eleanor Hutch, Gary Clarke, Eva Hall, Keith Reid, Mandy Hegarty, Conor Devlin, Bernard O’ Rourke, Magdalene Buckley, Shirley McCay, Shane Raymond, Raymond Denning,  Regina Wall, David Jackson


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