Where to Emigrate?

Orla Arnold rounds up the best cities to emigrate to…

Between a lack of jobs and an inevitable lack of sunshine graduates can expect in Ireland this year, why not put some of those hard-earned grades to work in a foreign city? The impending doom economists and lecturers bestow on us each day is not worth the wait, so check out Mugg’s destination-spots to visit post-grad.

South Beach, Miami:

South Beach: where every day is spring break. Miami is home to neon lights, casinos, strip clubs and eternally sunny beaches. Finding a job may prove tricky, but if you want to party harder than Charlie Sheen chances are you will get to party with the man himself here.

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Buenos Aires is home to some of the best festivals in the world, including Feria de Matadero, San Telmo and Recoleta. If you find yourself all tangoed-out there is plenty of work to be found for native English speakers as teaching assistants. Applicants are not required to have a third level degree for teaching jobs.


Underwater hotels, man-made islands, rotating skyscrapers, Dubai does flashiness better than anywhere else. Dubai is hungry for third level graduates in all disciplines. Private schools are looking for English speakers to teach Dubai’s darlings and are willing to offer a competitive wage on top of flights and accommodation. If your lifestyle is more suited to scantily-clad girls and waking up in ditches you’re perhaps better off somewhere where such misdemeanours aren’t punishable by death.

Whistler, Canada:

Whistler is the ultimate outdoor paradise. From skiing and snowboarding to rock climbing and river rafting there is plenty to keep you occupied. Forget about the crippled economy and the €22.5 billion loan and ski yourself to happiness.


Your dole cheques will go a long way here – live like a king for a week for the same price as a night in Coppers. Picking up a job as an English teacher or IT consultant is easy. Although the pay isn’t great you’ll still manage to live comfortably on a Thai wage.


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